The Pod Soundbooth

The Pod Soundbooth



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The Pod Measurements: 4 ft. long x 4 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall

INCLUDED WITH THE POD: Steel frame, fabric outer shell, inner acoustic fabric wall included. Chair, desk, equipment & lighting not included. For lighting we recommend a dollar store work light attached with a magnet to the steel frame.

The Pod is an affordable indoor pop-up soundbooth with an aluminum frame large enough for 1-2 people to sit or stand during recording. Using thick woven acoustic fabric for the walls, The Pod ‘deadens’ any echo caused by hard surfaces like walls in large rooms. A sturdy, simple and elegant solution which allows you to get the most value in sound quality from your entry-level sound equipment. Take your audio to the next level with your own temporary pop-up recording studio. Please note we recommend using The Pod in a reasonably quiet area. The Pod will dampen ambient noise, however it may not prevent ambient noise entirely. The purpose of The Pod is to reduce room echo and enhance the richness of your voice.

*U.S. customers please note that there may be a customs fee for you to pay when your order arrives. We currently estimate the fee to be approximately $25 USD. These fees are charged by the United States border and are completely out of our control, & therefore are the sole responsibility of the customer. Thank you for your understanding!

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Audio Comparison Tests

We did sample audio tests with common equipment used by indie podcasters.
Check out the results:

Zoom H4N Recording Built-In Mic - Outside vs. Inside The Pod
Shure SM58 + Zoom H4N - Outside vs. Inside The Pod