Schools Can Podcast!

A podcasting competition for teens.


Introducing Schools Can Podcast!, where high school teens can compete to win a $1500 podcasting package for their school. This podcast contest encourages young people to learn more about the art & business of podcasting. The contest is open to teens ages 13-18 years old, at any school in North America. The goal is to learn about & produce a 15 minute original podcast episode. Entries will be judged on creativity of concept, editing, artwork and overall execution.

With guidance from their media teachers, students will greatly benefit from learning how to produce their very own podcast. From brainstorming, writing the script, recording & editing to the original artwork required, students will learn many creative media skills they can continue to use. Teacher critiques will teach the teens how to take constructive criticism & help them take steps to make their podcasts even better. This is an important skill to learn before entering the work force in any profession. Click the button below to learn how to get your local school involved!